Our graphics are created by an illustrator we met on Instagram. Sanna Sjöström, also known as Sannadorable, is based in Sweden and creates digital watercolor illustrations. Illustrates cute animals and characters in muted tones. Her greatest inspiration comes from flowers and nature. After months of work and comparison, modifications and changes, we have our illustrations, with an exclusive license. We are totally in love with it. ❤️

Starting from his illustrations, we also created the embroideries, which reflect his images. In this way you can create your products, both with print and with embroidery, with the same animal or graphic, to have a coordinated set.


Not all fabrics can be printed and not all can be embroidered.

In the description of each item you can see if it will be customized with printing or embroidery.

the print

The illustrations with which we customize a large part of our products takes place through the printing technique: with this method the ink of the image on particular types of paper is released through the heat emanating from a particular press, ensuring high quality since the shades they are not affected during image transfer.


We have created our embroidery files starting from the illustrations, carefully chosen the colors of the yarns and thanks to our embroiderers (and a lot of patience) we create something special for you every day. Our yarns are opaque, they do not reflect light and unlike traditional yarns, the beauty of the colors remains unaltered.